Add a Secret

From the menu select ConfigMaps & Secrets, ensure the Secrets tab is selected, then click Add with form.
Secrets can also be added using a manifest by clicking Create from manifest.
Define the secret, using the table below as a guide.
Select the namespace where the secret will be saved.
Give the secret a descriptive name.
You can add annotations to your secret as required by clicking Add annotation and filling in the Key and Value fields.
Secret Type
Select from the list of available secret types or select Custom to define your own type.
Data fields change to reflect the type of Data to be entered based on the secret type selection above. In the Data section you can enter the details of your secret, in either Simple mode or Advanced mode. Under simple mode you can add entries in a key and value format, and in advanced mode you can paste in multiple values in YAML format.
Adding data in Simple mode
Adding data in Advanced mode
When you have finished defining the secret, click Create Secret.