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Updating on Docker Swarm

Always match the agent version to the Portainer Server version. In other words, when you're installing or updating to Portainer 2.19.3 make sure all of the agents are also on version 2.19.3.
Starting from Portainer CE 2.9 and BE 2.10, HTTPS is enabled by default on port 9443. These instructions will configure Portainer to use 9443 for HTTPS and 9000 for HTTP. You can choose to completely disable HTTP after the update.
Before you make Portainer HTTPS only, make sure you have all your Agents and Edge Agents already communicating with Portainer using HTTPS.
Before beginning any update, we highly recommend taking a backup of your current Portainer configuration.
To update the Portainer Server and the agents on Docker Swarm, first run the following command on the manager node of your Docker Swarm cluster:
docker service ls
Make note of the service names for Portainer. You will need them later.
tb9gtxc647fw portainer-agent_agent global 3/3 portainer/agent:latest
m3a3mtuy55ed portainer_portainer replicated 1/1 portainer/portainer-ee:latest *:8000->8000/tcp, *:9000->9000/tcp
To update Portainer Server to the latest version, run one of the sets of commands below depending on your edition of Portainer (replace the portainer_portainer service name if your setup differs):
Business Edition
Community Edition
docker pull portainer/portainer-ee:latest
docker service update --image portainer/portainer-ee:latest --publish-add 9443:9443 --force portainer_portainer
docker pull portainer/portainer-ce:latest
docker service update --image portainer/portainer-ce:latest --publish-add 9443:9443 --force portainer_portainer
To update the Portainer Agent to the latest version, run the commands below (replace the portainer_agent service name if your setup differs):
docker pull portainer/agent:latest
docker service update --image portainer/agent:latest --force portainer_agent
This will deploy the newest version of Portainer and the agent across your swarm and upgrade the Portainer database to match.
When this is finished, go to https://your-server-address:9443 or http://your-server-address:9000 and log in. You should notice that the update notification has disappeared and the version number has been updated.