Edge Jobs

This is a beta feature.
Adding an Edge job is a great way to schedule jobs in your Edge hosts. Jobs can be used to run any scripts you need, for example running a backup in a specified period of time.
This functionality requires you to enable Edge Compute features, and is currently only available for Docker Standalone environments that use /etc/cron.d for job scheduling.
Edge jobs run by modifying the crontab on the underlying host, not in a container. This means that Edge jobs can make changes to the host directly, which is very powerful but also very dangerous, so use with caution.
From the menu select Edge Jobs then click Add Edge job.
Give the job a descriptive name then select one of the following options:
Basic Configuration
Select a date from the calendar.
Advanced Configuration
Write your own cron rule.
If you select Recurring Edge job also enter the Edge job time.
The Edge job time is based on the time on the host, not the Portainer Server. Bear this in mind when scheduling jobs across time zones.
You can then use the web editor to write the script or paste a copy in.
Once your script is ready, you can choose where to deploy it. You can select Edge Groups to deploy to with the Edge Groups dropdown.
You can also select environments individually in Target environments. Click on an environment in the Available environments list to move it to the Associated environments list as a deployment target.
Once you have made your selections, click Create edge job to create and run the job.