Add a DockerHub account
Portainer provides built-in support for anonymous DockerHub access, but in some cases you may need to log into DockerHub (for example, private images or to support pulling a large number of images).
From the menu select Registries then click Add registry and select DockerHub as the registry provider.
Complete the form, using the table below as a guide.
Enter a name for the registry. This is how it will appear in the list of registries and when selecting a registry to pull from.
DockerHub username
Enter the username you use to connect to DockerHub.
DockerHub password
Enter the password that corresponds to the username above.
When the form is complete, click Add registry.
Simply adding a registry will not make that registry available to non-administrator users. Once you have added the registry to Portainer, you will need to add access to the registry within Host / Swarm / Cluster for each environment that needs access.
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