Manage a namespace

From the menu select Namespaces then select the namespace you want to manage.

Here you can view details about the namespace and configure options specific to the namespace.


Toggle on Resource assignment to enable quotas for this namespace, then define the memory and CPU limits.

Load balancers

With this setting you can configure the amount of external load balancers that can be created in this namespace.

This option only appears when Allow users to use external load balancer is enabled in the cluster setup.


For each storage option available in the cluster, you can configure quotas for this namespace to limit usage.


This section lists the available ingresses and whether they can be used by this namespace. For each namespace you can toggle on Allow users to use this ingress, then configure the ingress hostname, route redirection and advanced settings as needed.


If you have made changes to the configuration, this section will list those changes.


Once you have made the necessary changes, click Update namespace. Here you can also flag the namespace as a system namespace by clicking Mark as system.

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