Portainer BE 2.10 introduced support for Helm, the most popular packaging system for Kubernetes applications. With Helm you can deploy applications based on pre-prepared charts, either self-made or supplied by third-party repositories.

Helm support in Portainer is still in its early stages, and more functionality will be added soon. If there is specific functionality you'd like to see in a future release, let us know.

Adding additional repositories

By default, Portainer ships with the Bitnami Helm chart repository already pre-configured. If you would like to add an additional third-party repo, enter the repository URL then click Add repository.

Changing the pre-configured repository

You can change the pre-configured Helm repository if required. If you do not have a global Helm repository configured, a warning will be displayed on this page.

Deploying applications from Helm charts

From the Charts section you can deploy an application from the Helm charts provided by the repositories you have configured. The list of charts can be filtered by category and is searchable.

pageDeploy a new application from a Helm chart

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