The FIDO Device Onboard (FDO) protocol lets you create and deploy a device profile to remote bare-metal Edge devices, automating the configuration of the physical device to your specifications without any human interaction. Portainer provides the ability to do this from within the Portainer UI.

Provision a FDO device

To add a new FDO device to Portainer you will first need to have enabled and configured FDO. Once this is done, click Add Device and ensure the Provision bare-metal using Intel FDO option is selected, then click Confirm.

When provisioning an FDO device you will first need to import a Manufacturer Ownership Voucher. Click the Upload button and browse to the voucher on your system to upload.

Once the voucher is uploaded you will be able to fill in the device details as required.


Device Name

Enter the name of your device (how you want it to appear in Portainer).

Suffix starting number

Enter the first number in the sequence you want to use for this device. This number will be appended to the Device Name and incremented for each device if you are provisioning multiple devices at once.

Portainer server URL

Enter the URL for the Portainer Server instance that the devices will connect to. This URL must be accessible from the device.

Device Profile

Select the device profile you want to deploy to your device.


Select a group to assign this device to.


Select any tags you want to apply to this device.

When you are ready, click Save Configuration.

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