Create a template from a deployed stack

In Portainer you can create an app template from deployed stacks. This is useful if you need to deploy the same stack several times.

From the menu select Stacks, select the already-deployed stack, then click Create template from stack.

Define some properties for the new template, using the table below as a guide.



Give the template a descriptive name.


Enter a brief description of what your template includes.


Note any extra information about the template (optional).

Icon URL

Enter the URL to an icon to be used for the template when it appears in the list (optional).


Select the compatible platform for the template. Options are Linux or Windows.


Select the type of template. Options are Standalone or Swarm.

The Web editor will be pre-populated with the Compose file for your stack. Make any changes you need here.

You can search within the web editor at any time by pressing Ctrl-F (or Cmd-F on Mac).

When you're ready, click Create custom template.

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