Add a new service

From the menu click Services then click Add service.

Complete the fields, using the table below as a guide.



Give the service a descriptive name.


Select the registry that contains the image you wish to use for the service.


Enter the name of the image. If you're using Docker Hub you can also search for images from here.

Scheduling mode

Select either to replicate the service on the same host or deploy it globally with one container on each host.


Set the number of replicas (only if the scheduling mode is set to Replicated).

Port mapping

Define the ports to expose on the new service.

Create a service webhook

Toggle on to create a webhook for the service. You can send a POST request to this endpoint to automate pulling the most up-to-date image and re-deploy your service.

You can also configure any advanced options for the service in the bottom section.

When you're finished click Create the service.

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