Import an image

You can import images from other Portainer instances, the Docker CLI or the Docker Swarm CLI.

From the menu select Images then click Import.

Click Select file to browse for the image file to upload. Portainer supports .tar, .tar.gz, .tar.bz2 and .tar.xz files. If you are on a multi-node environment, select the node where you wish to save the image.

On a multi-node environment, the image you import will only be available on the node selected under Deployment. If you want to make the image available to all nodes, consider adding a registry to Portainer.

When importing an image you can also select to tag the image using a registry you have preconfigured in Portainer. Select the Registry from the dropdown and enter the image name and tag.

If you wish to tag the image with a registry that is not configured within Portainer, click Advanced mode and enter the registry, port, image and tag as required.

If you want to tag the image locally rather than in a registry, use Advanced mode and simply specify the image name and tag, without a registry.

When you're ready, click Upload to import your image.

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