Account settings

To get access to and update your user settings, click your username in the top-right of the Portainer UI and select My account.

Changing your password

Enter the following details, using the table below as a guide. When you're finished, click Update password.


Current password

Enter the password you currently use to log into Portainer.

New password

Enter a new password for your account.

Confirm password

Enter the new password again.

Minimum password length requirements are set by the administrator.

Access tokens

This section allows you to manage your API access tokens. You can see a list of the access tokens that exist for your user as well as add and remove tokens as required.

For more information on access tokens, refer to our API access documentation.

Changing the theme

Portainer lets you choose between light, dark and high-contrast themes, or to auto-select the theme based on your system theme. The chosen theme applies only to this user.

Select a theme from the options. The change will be automatically applied.

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