Upgrading on Nomad

To upgrade the version of the Portainer Agent on a Nomad device, please use the following steps.

If you are using Nomad authentication, you will need to retrieve your Nomad token before proceeding.

In the Portainer UI, select Environments then select the Nomad environment you want to upgrade. Make note of the Edge key and Edge identifier as we will need these later.

Once you have the values recorded, click the Disassociate button, then click Disassociate in the warning that appears.

You will then be provided with a script generation dialog.

Select Nomad, and if you are using authentication toggle the Enable authentication option and enter your Nomad token. Enter any other customizations you have for your environment such as environment variables.

Copy the generated command for environment installation, but don't run it yet. First, edit the copied command and replace the Edge key and Edge identifier values with those noted earlier.

Finally, run the modified command on your Nomad device. The job will be deployed and updated, retaining your previous settings.

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