Build instructions

This article explains how to set up your local development environment so you can contribute to the Portainer codebase.

Make sure you have installed the dependencies for this project on your Mac or Linux machine before continuing.

Windows is currently not supported by the Portainer development environment.


Navigate to the folder where you will store Portainer project code. This can be anywhere such as on your desktop or in your downloads folder.

Now, download the Portainer project:

git clone

Next, navigate into the Portainer project you downloaded:

cd portainer

Install the development dependencies:


And finally, build and run the project:

yarn start

You should now be able to access Portainer at https://localhost:9443.

The frontend application will update when you save your changes to any of the sources. Just refresh the browser to see the changes

Contribution Guidelines

When contributing to the Portainer codebase, please follow our contribution guidelines.

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