Add a new custom template

Creating the template

From the menu select Custom Templates then click Add Custom Template.
Complete the form, using the table below as a guide.
Enter a title for your custom template. This is how the template will appear when it's deployed.
Enter a description of the template.
As an optional step, record some extra information about the template.
Icon URL
Optionally, enter the URL to an image to use as an icon for the template.
Next, select the Build method.

Selecting the build method

Method 1: Web editor

Define or paste the contents of your manifest file into the web editor. When deploying an application using a custom template you will be given an opportunity to edit the manifest before deployment.
When you're ready, click Create custom template.

Method 2: Upload

If you have a manifest file locally, you can upload it directly to Portainer. Click Select file to browse to the file.
When you're ready, click Create custom template.