Which ARM architectures does Portainer support?
We build our ARM images to support the ARM64 architecture primarily (as indicated in our requirements and prerequisites), with ARMv7 support also available. We do not support builds below ARMv7 (such as ARMv6) for Portainer Community Edition.
As architectures evolve and the world moves more toward 64-bit as the default, there is less and less support for 32-bit architectures available. In the case of Portainer, some of the binaries we embed are no longer available for ARMv6 and below, preventing us from being able to provide a fully functioning Portainer environment on these older systems.
While an ARMv6 build of Portainer Community Edition is available, this is provided as a convenience and the lack of support for some binaries means this build may be missing features and should be used at your own risk - support will not be provided for ARMv6 builds.
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