Edge Groups
The Edge Groups feature lets you group together Edge endpoints either by manually selecting them or based on their tags. This is useful if you manage multiple Edge endpoints in multiple zones.
This functionality requires you to enable Edge Compute features.
From the menu select Edge Groups then click Add Edge group. Give the group a descriptive name then select either Static or Dynamic:

Option 1: Static

This option lets you manually add endpoints to the group from a list. Select the required endpoints then click Add edge group.

Option 2: Dynamic

This option lets you automatically associate endpoints via their tags. If you choose this option you will need to refine how Edge endpoints are dynamically associated.
Partial Match
Will associate any endpoints matching at least one of the selected tags (endpoints can have more than one tag).
Full Match
Will associate any endpoints matching all of the selected tags.
When you start typing a tag, endpoints with that tag will appear in the results. Click Add edge group to associate the endpoints to the group.
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