Release Notes

Release 2.7


  • Added the ability to update and redeploy a stack created from a git repository
  • Added I/O usage to the container statistics
  • Enhanced environment variables UI/UX for Docker
  • sysctl options are available when creating a container
  • Show the number of Swarm nodes for the endpoint on the Home page
  • Show how many Docker pulls are remaining for DockerHub to avoid exceeding the quota
  • Introduced support for compose version 3.8 on docker swarm environments
  • Display the container IP address(es) in the list of containers
  • Improved layout of the toggles on the create container setting tab
  • For Docker Standalone, prevent a stack from being created if the Compose has a container_name that already exists
  • Creating a container from a DockerHub image will show a search button in the UI
  • Fixed issue where deploying a stack from Git did not work for Azure DevOps
  • Fixed issue where stacks with a status of 0 are hidden in the UI
  • Fixed issue where pulling a large image is failing when using an Agent due to a timeout
  • Fixed issue where listing the services with Auto-refresh on collapses all services after refresh
  • Fixed issue where dash characters got removed from the stack name on Docker Standalone
  • Fixed issue where access control management via labels was not fault tolerant
  • Fixed issue where the label showing the default location of secrets was incorrect for Windows
  • Fixed typo in the error message "Unable to start stack"


  • Added ProGet as a specific registry type when adding a registry
  • Fixed issue where pushing to a registry failed due to not including the username in the quay registry URL


  • Fixed issue where creating a custom template from uploading a compose file failed
  • Fixed issue where switching custom template in the template tab of stack create view doesn't update editor
  • Fixed issue with an invalid template documentation URL in the Settings


  • Added validation to prevent adding empty mount to an existing service
  • Fixed issue with the MountType and nfsvers when creating NFS4 volumes
  • Fixed issue where editing the properties of volumes on a service did not enable the apply button


  • Introduced the ability to deploy a manifest from a git repository when using advanced deployment
  • The advanced deployment feature has been made available to standard users
  • Introduced a summary of Kubernetes actions when deploying a Kubernetes resource
  • Added the ability to display realtime node metrics in Kubernetes
  • Added functionality to allow multiple ingress networks per kubernetes namespace, with a differing config per ingress
  • Added the ability to redeploy an externally deployed application
  • Added the ability to expand the YAML tab of a Kubernetes application to full size
  • Added the ability to cordon/uncordon/drain nodes
  • Added a warning in the placement tab when an application can't be scheduled on the cluster
  • Renamed Resource Pools to Namespaces in the UI
  • Improved UI for the placement policies when creating an application
  • Improved how application image names are shown
  • Form validation has been added for Configuration keys
  • Environment variable are sorted alphabetically to improve the readability
  • Display the ImagePull policy in the details of an application
  • Default to the kube-system namespace in the advanced deployment view on ARM
  • Fixed minor UI inconsistency when creating an application with an ingress
  • Fixed issue with the UI layout when creating an application with ingress
  • Fixed issue where updating the Kubernetes endpoint URL did not get persisted
  • Fixed issue where the endpoint url is not updated when updating a kubernetes local endpoint
  • Fixed issue where renaming the endpoint of a kubernetes agent breaks the endpoint
  • Fixed issue where environment variables with empty values are not showing when editing a kubernetes application
  • Fixed issue where environment variable validation when creating an application was too restrictive
  • Fixed issue where creating an application with two different ingresses incorrectly populates the hostname UI fields
  • Fixed issue where an application with persisted data can't update, after the storage option is disabled in the cluster settings
  • Fixed issue where adding an ingress route is not prevented when editing an application with existing ingress route and ingress is disabled
  • Fixed issue where adding an application does not allow Global to be set


  • Fixed issue where ACI stops working after persistence or networking gets added


  • Added the ability to deploy Edge stacks on Docker standalone Edge endpoints
  • Show the status of the edge agent check-in on the home page dashboard
  • Hide the webhook UI in the service creation view of an edge endpoint, since it's not applicable
  • Fixed issue where accessing a down Kubernetes Edge endpoint should redirect the user to the home view


  • Added the ability to sync Portainer teams with group memberships provided via OAuth
  • Added SSO support for OAuth and do not enforce a login prompt. Use <portainer_url>/#!/internal-auth to login with internal admin.
  • Added the ability to manage orphaned stacks when Portainer has the compose file
  • Added the option to specify the local socket location when adding a docker endpoint
  • Search filters are retained within the browser session
  • Properly expose backend error when using image management features
  • Prevent web editor related views from being accidentally closed
  • Improved descriptions for Portainer initialization errors
  • Disable sysctl settings for non-administrators incorrectly defaults to being on
  • Fixed issue where the File select windows gets shown when pressing enter in text fields
  • Fixed issue where restoring Portainer from a backup file fails in certain circumstances related to the activity logs
  • Fixed issue where a custom snapshot interval cannot be changed
  • Fixed issue with incorrect Windows agent deployment command in the agent endpoint creation tab


  • Introduced initial experimental support for Podman. Known limitations are listed in


  • Introduce buildx to support Windows 1903+ Base Images
  • Added the ability to debug through VSCode
  • Added check for missing angularJS inject annotation
  • Removed grunt-karma ang grunt-html2js dependencies
  • Fixed issue where webpack complains about chardet source maps
  • Fixed issue where babel complains about missing core-js dependency

Known Issues

  • Logging into Portainer as a Standard User fails to load home page when using 'microk8s v1.21.3-3+6343a564e351b0'
  • Host Management features do not work on Windows Hosts #4450
  • Host Browser function does not work for Non-Admin users.

Release 2.4


  • Pods without workloads are now displayed as applications
  • Improved UI/UX of configurations for creation / edition
  • Introduced request of confirmation upon volume removal
  • Introduced the advanced deployment panel to each resource list view
  • Updated validation to prevent a user from exposing an application over an external load balancer with mixed protocols
  • Introduced the ability to display the access policy associated to the storage of a volume
  • Clarified advanced deployment feature
  • Clarified sensitive configuration creation
  • Clarified ingress controller configuration in the cluster setup view
  • Renamed the create entry from file button when creating a configuration
  • Improved validation warnings in the application creation / edition views
  • Removed extra whitespace in stacks and storage datatables
  • Fixed issue with access management feature on resource pools
  • Fixed issue with ability to retrieve configs when a config is a binary file
  • Fixed issue with advanced deployment feature on agent and Edge agent endpoints
  • Fixed an issue that would mark a sensitive configuration as external without owner after an update
  • Fixed issue with access to configuration details view for a configuration containing binary data
  • Fixed labels to display system labels first in the node details view
  • Fixed refresh issue on the view with the YAML panel selected
  • Fixed invalid display issue when accessing the load balancer panel from the application panel
  • Fixed issue when accessing the cluster setup incorrectly expanding the Endpoint sidebar
  • Fixed issue with exposed configuration keys over filesystem inside an application not being applied
  • Fixed issue when Adding a key to existing used configuration that would throw an error when editing an application using that configuration
  • Fixed an issue with the form validation in the configuration creation view
  • Fixed issue with resource pool “created” attribute not showing actual creation time
  • Fixed issue with ability to apply a note to a Pod type application
  • Fixed issue with creating Kubernetes resources with a username longer than 63 characters
  • Fixed issue with special characters in usernames when creating Kubernetes resources
  • Fixed issue with ability to retrieve config map error when trying to manager newly create resource pool​

Activity Logging ​

  • Introduced user authentication activity logging
  • Introduced user activity logging​


  • Introduced new RBAC “Operator” Role
  • Fixed issue with user in 2 team with mix of helpdesk & endpoint admin resulting in the user having permissions of endpoint admin​

Registries ​

  • Fixed issue causing Portainer to forget the password associated to a registry after an update
  • Fixed issue preventing the registry manager feature to work properly with a ProGet registry
  • Improved description for advanced mode usage with private registries​

Swarm ​

  • Introduced validation to prevent adding a mount with nothing filled to and exiting service
  • Fixed issue in service creation, switching to bind mode from volume mode with a volume selected fills the host field with {object Object}​

Stacks ​

  • Introduced support for creating stacks with the same name across different endpoints
  • Introduced extra stack information: creation, last update time and user who created the stack
  • Minor UX change for the start/stop stack action
  • Fixed issue with ability to use private registries with Standalone stacks
  • Fixed issue showing editor tab on limited stacks when it should not
  • Fixed issue when editing a stack, hitting backspace or delete keys with contents of web editor selected hides the entire editor UI element
  • Fixed issue with stack create via API with a regular user account are incorrectly marked as administrator only
  • Fixed issue of error being displayed when creating a stack on docker standalone despite the stack is created
  • Fixed issue of stacks being created via API incorrectly marked private with no owner​

Docker ​

  • Introduced support for Compose > v2 when deploying a stack on a Docker standalone environment
  • Introduced the ability to download log file from Docker container/service views
  • Display labels in Image Details
  • Clarify the description of the restrict external access to the network property when creating a network​

User Management ​

  • Automatically lowercase username when authenticating users
  • Update the authentication UX to put an emphasis on OAuth when OAuth is enabled​


  • Introduced the ability to backup / restore Portainer
  • Fixed issue of version not being shown correctly after update
  • Support starting Portainer without having to specify any endpoint​


  • Introduced RBAC to ACI
  • Introduced UAC to ACI​

Minor Changes​

  • Removed the new version check
  • Changed the license server errors to be a silent fail for offline environments
  • Added JS source map for Portainer UI

Release 2.0.1


  • Fix an issue preventing a user from creating Kuberneres resources if they have a @ character in their username ****Users with a @ character in their username were not able to create the following Kubernetes resources:
    • Resource pool
    • Application
    • Configuration
  • Fix platform issues with the Docker image for Portainer Business ****The Docker image can now be successfully deployed on the following platforms:
    • Linux ARM64
    • Linux ARM
  • Minor update to the license server mechanism ****The license server mechanism has been updated.

Release 2.0.0

Initial release of Portainer Business
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Release 2.0.1
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